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Animal Products

Animal Products

Aloe vera is an excellent preparation to use for skin conditions such as allergies, eczema, abscesses, fungal infections, pyoderma and many types of dermatitis.  For a wound or burn to heal effectively it must be kept clean and moist with a supply of nutrients.  It also requires air and may need protecting, any dressings must not damage the new epithelial cells when removed.  The properties of aloe vera can provide all these requirements.  

Aloe vera can prove very beneficial in helping conditions of the digestive system such as stomatitis, gingivitis, vomiting, diarrhoea, oral ulceration and inflammatory conditions.  Oral administration of aloe vera can be useful in cases of chronic immunological problems such as asthma, hay fever, rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, post viral lethargy syndrome (ME/Chronic Fatigue), lupus and allergies which can affect the digestive and respiratory system as well as the skin.

The commonest ear conditions seen are often mixed infections of mites, bacteria, fungi and yeasts and may involve foreign bodies.  Aloe vera solution, Gelly and those combined with Bee Propolis can be useful for these.  Eye conditions such as conjunctivitis and keratitis can be helped with a diluted solution of Aloe Vera.  Remember in serious cases, to always ensure that your animal is examined by a vet before any form of complementary preparation is used. 

Cancer rates have increased by 25% over the last five years, believe to be due to the increase in the 'free radicals' or pollution in our environment.  To combat this damage our bodies need anti-oxidants found most commonly in vegetables.  Aloe vera can help by balancing out our immune system but it also contains cytokines which are used to treat AIDS and feline Leukemia, also provides a healthy white cell count which is vital in horse flu cases. 

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Drinking Gels

Click here to listen to what Vet, David Urch says about the aloe vera drinks

Aloe v
era drinks are liquid dietary foods consisting of the stabilised inner leaf gel of the plant which contains over 75 known nutrients, in a balance that helps to maintain all the signs of a healthy animal.  Suitable for all, the liquids are readily absorbed into normal feeds, although some animals prefer them in their water.  The drinks maintain a healthy appetite, suppleness of joints and energy levels.  Aloe vera also has a soothing effect.  (Berry Nectar contains cranberry and apple).

All the benefits of the Aloe vera gel with the addition of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to maintain healthy joint function and flexibility.  Fast acting unique formulation ideal for all forms of arthritis, joint and bone disorders.

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Holly's Story
We have given our much loved border collie Holly, the Forever Freedom drink as she has severe canine hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. The glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM ingredients in the drink are absorbed more efficiently by the body due to the natural base of the aloe vera gel.  We are seeing an increase in her energy levels and mobility daily! - We were told we should persevere with the product as results may take up to 3 months - but dogs don't lie! Holly's condition is quite severe and nothing will cure her but as long as her body can produce enough lubricants and tissues to keep her hip joints cushioned, and alongside a regulated exercise and Hydrotherapy routine, she can continue a happy and reasonably pain free life. Keep up to date with Holly's progress (and other clinical studies) on our Facebook page. Holly is becoming famous, she now has her own Blog Page

Dr Atherton explains the benefit of Forever Freedom:

Topical Products

Aloe Veterinary Formula

High in stabilised aloe vera gel, with a convenient nozzle applicator, this liquid can be sprayed directly onto tender areas of your animal to soothe or to cleanse before dressing or applying Aloe Vera Gelly. Complete First Aid kit in a handy spray to soothe and calm irritated skin, bites, stings, cuts and helps tissue to heal quickly and reduces scar formation. Formula can also be sprayed onto animal coats after bathing for extra shine and condition. Administered as a leg wash, it can soothe after heavy exercise. 

Our Aloe Veterinary spray appeared on the popular television programme Countryfile in January of this year, being used on a hedgehog to help clean, soothe and replenish his emaciated skin.

"It was my friend who's a vet told me about it and been using it ever since I'm that pleased with it. I use it once a week on my bearded dragons I've got over 20 and it's brilliant stuff lasts for ages!"  Lee, UK.

Complete First Aid kit in a tube. Can be used as a topical preparation to calm irritated skin, bites, stings, cuts and helps to reduce scar formation. A thick gel with anti-bacterial properties which lubricates and soothes tissue in sensitive areas.  Its highly penetrative properties are easily absorbed. 

Aloe Propolis Crème

One of our most popular products for humans, this rich soothing cream is equally b
eneficial for animals. Bee Propolis is the sticky resin collected by bees to maintain the health of the hive, it is a natural anti-bacterial substance - it is so effective, the interior of the beehive is said to be a safer environment than most operating rooms. By combining aloe with bee propolis, we have created a world-class product that not only soothes, but also moisturises while it works.

Aloe vera in heat producing formulation that encourages blood supply to an area. Particularly useful for its soothing action on joints, ligaments and muscles. In animals it is essential that it be applied directly to the skin and not the hair. 

A fast-acting soothing gel formulation suitable for topical application to joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles.  Methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) is a rich source of organic sulphur essential for the correct functioning of connective tissues and joints.  In animals apply directly to the skin under the hair. 

Specially formulated with ingredients that shields the skin from exposure to the sun and wind. Can be used on sensitive ear-tips and noses to protect and soothe. Greys and other horses with pink/sensitive areas will find this lotion soothes, cools and moisturises. High protections (SPF 30).

Aloe vera makes this a mild but deep cleansing shampoo. Combined with the moisturising and conditioning properties of jojoba oil, it will leave your animals’ coats, manes and tails tangle-free and shining with health. 

Well-liked by our human customers, this high-in-aloe, refreshing toothgel is ideal for your pet’s teeth too. Reducing the build-up of plaque and tartar on the teeth, while gently soothing the gum areas, it has a low abrasiveness factor and leaves teeth sparkling clean.

Rich in soothing aloe vera, this gentle formula is excellent for bathing small or large animals. Equally suited to removing mud after a walk or cleaning delicate skin types prior to applying other products, our soap will clean without irritation.  Ideal for animals with sensitive, dry and itchy skin.  It comes complete with a handy pump top that makes for easy bathing, whether the family pet or a top show breed!


Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis is the sticky resin collected by bees to maintain the health of the hive, it is a natural and powerful antibacterial substance - it is so effective, the interior of the beehive is said to be a safer environment than most operating rooms.  Helps maintain a healthy immune system and support the body’s natural defences to help fight off any infections.

Direct from the hive, this is an excellent way of priming the body during the summer when the pollen count is high, as well as being a superb energy supplement before or after an exercise period. Also suitable for jockeys, handlers and trainers after a long day! Bee Pollen contains more nutrients per calorie than any other nutritional supplement and so it is little wonder that it is cited as one of the most complete foods available.

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Tips on using Aloe Vera preparations for animals
  • Introduce slowly - For animals with sensitive digestive conditions start on a low amount of the oral Aloe Vera gel for a couple of days and then slowly increase to the beneficial level. The amount required depends as much on the weight of the animal as the condition you are trying to help.
  • Oral Aloe Vera can be added to the food or water or be given directly by mouth.
  • Skin problems benefit from the oral Aloe Vera as well as the topical preparations.
  • A few skin problems look worse before they improve. This is often referred to as the healing crisis. If in doubt consult your vet.
If you would like any further information concerning dosage and use for animal products, please do not hesitate to call or email me.