About us

About us

Thank you for visiting our website, we wanted to write a few things about us to give you an understanding of how the business started.

We live in a quiet village on the outskirts of a Lincolnshire town. It's just the two of us and our two beautiful border collies Holly 13 and Daisy 9.

When we finally moved in to our rural home in Lincolnshire we

couldn't wait to bring home our first four-legged companion - and here she is...Holly.

At the age of 3, Holly was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis in both hips. This news hit us like a brick wall. Holly is quite a unique border collie in both looks and temperament and we were hoping to have a litter from her to always keep her close to us when she leaves this world - this was now not an option.

Holly 8 weeks

Any one who has a pet will understand the major part they play in your life and how they tug at those heart strings! Holly is no exception and even more so as we have no children, our dogs are our children.

We had always wanted to get another dog and thought long and hard about the effect it

would have on Holly and, after careful consideration and discussions with the Vet, we brought Daisy home. We have been lucky in that so far, the two of them obviously love each other dearly, but of course would never show it!

Daisy 8 weeks

We had a steep learning curve in how to manage Holly's condition and as she becomes older her condition deteriorates. The increase in prescription drugs increases the damage to her stomach and other organs and joints. This led to much research into the natural options available. We discovered a natural Aloe Vera drink called Forever Freedom and this drink started to have a positive effect on Holly's condition and also her physical and mental wellbeing. This is when Purely Nature was born, we set out to help other people and their animals to ensure they have all the options necessary when considering health, fitness and wellbeing. These products don't always take the place of prescription medicine but they can help to alleviate the symptoms of the condition or of the side effects. The natural products are on a separate website as they are shipped direct from the manufacturers - visit the website www.myflpbiz.com/PurelyNature.

Hip dysplasia is a terrible disease, no matter how strong the dog's general physical and mental condition this disease shortens the lifespan and soon cripples the rear quarters leading to owners having to make the gut-wrenching decision to end their pet's life early.

You can read Holly's full story here, how we all cope with her disease and the ever-threatening return of her cancer!

We all enjoy the simple things in life and most of these are in the great outdoors. We grow a wide range of organic produce from tomatoes and carrots, to blackcurrants and grapes. These are made into jams, chutneys, wines, pickles, puddings and pies. We like to forage in the hedgerows and woods for any edible goodies that nature can provide us with.

That's a big Cauli Mum!

We particularly like camping (British weather permitting!) and have been from the tip of Cornwall to the most northerly point of mainland Scotland - but there is still so much more to discover.

We have camped in France and, as always, the girls have been with us on every trip.

Camping in France

Just spotted some Highland cattle!

We are passionate about animal welfare and conserving wildlife habitats. We wanted to expand the product range of Purely Nature and have started looking for eco-friendly and natural products to sit alongside the natural aloe vera products. We intend to add to the product range with time as we discover products and suppliers who have the health of the planet at heart. So you can buy with confidence that you are getting a top quality product, endorsed by Holly and Daisy, and doing your bit for the planet too.

Holly and Daisy are delighted at the exciting range of new toys regularly appearing!